Powerful customer experience automation, made simple.

Orchestrate all customer journeys in one platform

Accelera.ai's platform lets business teams build new customer services and design better processes on fast data without overhauling the entire underlying system.

Real-time marketing

Relevant messages at the right time according to customer behavior


Design processes to onboard your customers into the new products

Promotion and loyalty

Build sales promotion or loyalty program at any scale

Personification of products

Adopt your products and services on behavior patterns in real-time

Actionable analytics

Convert streaming analytics into the actions to bring value on time


Track customer churn with win-back strategies

Customer service

Deliver proactive service by tracking customer experience for 24x7.

Gaming experience

Add game experience to form a new layer of touchpoints

Benefits for your data-driven team

Actionable insights

Track customer behavior from all sources and orchestrate the experience in real-time.

Truly no-code

Empower team members with the power and efficiency of senior software engineers.

Mighty time-to-market

Complete your data-driven challenges in minutes, hours, or days. Execute on your customer experience vision, quickly and with great control.

Accelera entirely transforms our approach to marketing communications and lets the bank deliver new levels of customer experience in sales and services. The bank gets closer to its customers with the contextual actions relevant to real-time behavior, personalized content, and interactive feedback.

Olga Silkina, Renaissance Credit Bank

While Accelera's platform processes in-game marketing and tracks players' behavior in a specific perspective, I like partnering with them most of the team members because of execution experience with immediate action to deliver.

Alexey Surakov, Sber Spasibo

Unlock gaming experience

The gaming platform for non-gaming companies

Entertain and do business. Blend gaming experience with typical customer operations for seamless journeys across physical and virtual realities.

A Lot of Features

Catalog of games

Use out-of-the-box games or connect custom games via Game API.

Inside your app or web

Extend your app or web with gaming services to increase MAU and conversions.

No coding

Build gaming experience and link with customer experience without programming.

Player profiles

Get insights about customers based on their behavior in games.


Thousands of your customers can play PvP and multiplayer games simultaneously.

In-game marketing

Reach your audience with personalized offers, rewards, tasks linked to operations.