Accelera lets teams build customer journeys with no-code

No-code automation gives autonomy to business teams to build and innovate products and services every day.

Super fast and robust

Process thousands of events per second from different sources in real-time. Rough performance is 200 events per second.

Powerful GUI

Use a no-code visual builder to compound necessary blocks into the end-to-end customer story of a winning customer experience.

Intelligent decisioning

Perform ML models and automated decision rules in real-time for online and offline journeys.

Data adapters let you connect to any source

Listen to mobile and web apps, card and payment systems, various APIs, databases, message brokers, files, HTTP, TCP ports, files, logs with configurable and custom adapters. Apply ready-to-use adapters for MQTT protocol, ISO-8583 standard, etc.

Real-time actions make your data actionable and decisions valuable.

Perform specific tasks and interact with internal and external services with predefined action templates. Add a new custom action into the system if you need a specific one.

Unified dynamic customer profiles

Build real-time profiles of customers, devices and other trackable entities with behavior insights and traits enriched with every interaction.

Omnichannel content designer

Create personalized content with various interface elements for all channels and devices without coding. The system prepares content in real-time to tailor customers' preferences in dynamic.

Power more personalized messages across mobile, web, email, SMS, and more

Behavior-based automation, control groups, A/B tests, omni-channel campaigns, real-time dashboards and visualization, integration with Google ads, Facebook and more.

Right customer

One customer is on focus — the system enriches the customer's profile with individual preferences and traits for a deeply personalized experience.

Right moment

Continuous behavior analysis with powerful decisioning identifies the right contexts to start communications.

Right message

Deliver valuable offers in relevant channels with excellent design.

Game API sync

The API lets you sync digital environments of business and in-game behavior. Game API interconnects customers and players in the entire controlled environment. Any game could be connected via API.


The multiplayer server lets thousands or millions of customers play games together, including PvP mode.

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