Accelerate Digital Transformation with Game

Sync business data with games, encourage desirable customer behavior and build emotional loyalty

Unlock gaming capabilities for your business

Accelera's customer engagement solution is a data-driven gaming platform that enables companies to run games for their customers
Create communities
Create new ways of dialog with your customers
Digitalize rewarding
Balance financial, digital and emotional rewarding
Get insights of players
Learn in-game behavior for deep personalization
Get more opportunities
Leverage in-game situations for new sales
Emotionalize daily operations
To be typical equals no differentiation
Share passion of games
Offer games that customers like


The accelera's gaming platform enables digital transformation in weeks


Game API
Unified API lets to plug in new games in days
Engagement mechanics
Allow applying games for business needs in an efficient way
Behavior tracking and CRM
The right offer at the right time with tracking of millions of customers in real-time
Easy integration
Gather business data and sync with games with no pain
Data protection and privacy
GDPR compliant. No personal data inside the platform


Games for customer acquisition, increasing payment activities, or burning loyalty points. Single-player or multiplayer. Available on the web or inside mobile apps. Our or business partner's games.

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